P. deltoides cultivars

The Populus deltoides cultivars of GIS Poplar

Since 1999, the Poplar GIS has been carrying out a genetic improvement program and carrying out its own hybridizations: intra-specific hybrids (Populus deltoides, Populus nigra, Populus trichocarpa) and inter-specific hybrids (Euramerican hybrids, inter-American hybrids, P. trichocarpa x P. maximowiczii).

Intra-specific hybrids of P. deltoides poplars were obtained from a 2x3 factorial crossing plan (1988-1991): 25 F1 families, 954 clones.

From this initial material, 13 Populus deltoides clones were selected in 2003, on the basis of data acquired in terms of susceptibility to leaf rust and Drepanopeziza brunnea, vigor, shape and infradensity of wood.

Then in 2011, from new evaluations in populetum and data acquired in terms of susceptibility to bacterial canker and woolly aphid, three Populus deltoides clones were chosen for their overall performance:

  • Delvignac
  • Dellinois
  • Delgas

Detailed characteristics of cultivars:


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