Through the Poplar GIS, INRAE ​​and FCBA have pooled their resources around a shared work program, focused on providing the poplar sector with high-performance poplar varieties with stable characteristics.

Since 2001, the Poplar GIS has been running a genetic improvement program and carrying out its own hybridizations. Currently, two main types of hybrids are produced in parallel: first generation Euramerican hybrids (Populus deltoides x Populus nigra) and inter-American hybrids involving the two species P. deltoides and P. trichocarpa but nevertheless from generations of more advanced hybridization to find more satisfactory levels of susceptibility to leaf rust. In 2015, a new type of cross was carried out with success: P. trichocarpa x P. maximowiczii. Finally, the Poplar GIS is evaluating P. trichocarpa clones from its base population or old intraspecific crosses in order to propose a variety release soon.

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